Blue watercolor background with the acronym "BYOB" on it. Underneath, it reads "by Coach Nicole Davis"


By Nicole Davis

I know what you are thinking, but I am not talking about booze or beer here. 

BYOB is Be Your Own Bestie.  

The other day, I was cooking something on the stove.  I managed to grab the pot with my bare hand and burn it slightly.  This all happened so quickly.  I sat the pot down, but in the same moment, a fleeting thought in my head came, “You’re an Idiot”

If I was in the kitchen with my bestie, my mom, my daughter, or even you, someone I’ve never met before and watched this incident take place, my reaction would be completely different.  The first words that would come to my mind and be spoken would be, “Oh my gosh! Are you okay?”  

And then we’d probably laugh because it was a silly mistake, and the burn wasn't a big deal.  

I wonder if you have a similar scenario? A moment you weren’t completely present and made a mistake.  Or maybe something completely different? You set a goal that you didn’t stick with.  You put yourself down, call yourself names.  Lazy, unorganized, inconsistent, selfish, unmotivated, terrible, or even an idiot. 

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “Ugly” or “Fat”? Would you look at your Bestie and say or think those things?

Pull quote that reads "Would you look at your bestie and say or think those things?"

Can you think of a moment, maybe in the past or possibly from today, when you could have been a little kinder to yourself?  What would you say to your bestie if they were in the same situation? 

Why is it so easy for you to be so mean to yourself?  You spend ALL of your time with yourself and you should LOVE yourself fully, mistakes and all.

I hope that this makes you think and be a little more mindful of the fleeting thoughts that are dancing in your head faster than you even seem to notice.  What would you say to your Bestie?  Then Be Your Own Bestie.

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