Fight Your Battle, Surrounded

Fight Your Battle, Surrounded

The room is calm. Your breathing becomes more even. You have just battled one of the most physical rides you have completed to date and this song is the last song played:  “Surround (Fight My Battles) by Bethel Music and Kari Jobe. The tears are allowed to flow freely because this studio is a safe place. Not only are you creating muscle soreness so that you can grow your body in ways you have never thought possible but your spirit is growing as well. This is what most of my rides at Cycle of Heart have become. Not just a place to grow and expand my muscles but a place to grow and expand my soul. 

On a recent ride with Coach Megan Wiest, she played this song, “Surround (Fight My Battles) by Bethel Music and Kari Jobe.  As I was on the bike listening to this I imagined being surrounded by horrible things BUT then being surrounded by all of a group of saints, prepared for battle, and winning. I was so moved (to tears even) from listening to this song that I downloaded it immediately after class.

Later that week I was listening to this song again after work and I was reminded that sometimes it’s a battle to work out and show up to spin classes. We often have to battle ourselves because we are “too”______ (fill in the appropriate blank). Some examples would be: “I’m too tired, I’m too out of shape, I’m too nervous”. We also can come into class battling a lot of mental baggage that is on a constant loop saying we are not “_____ enough”. Some more examples: “I’m not good enough, I’m not athletic enough, I’m not brave enough to meet new people.” All of these are battles and there are days that these battles surround us out of nowhere and our strength seems to become weak. 

I can tell you from personal experience that you are not fighting this battle alone when you step in the doors at Cycle of Heart. Let me repeat that for the people in the back, you are not fighting this battle alone! You are surrounded the second you walk through those doors, step on that bike, and get into gear. You are surrounded by a group of people all fighting our own battles, all in, together. 

The coaches are battling as well and yet they know the exact words to help us create our own battle cries. They will lift you up, go to war, and fill your spirit. You will not be alone in your battle while in this war zone. The coaches know how to build our strength as generals for an army of love and light, so that we can be that army of love and light for the world. 

The goal is, as we come together in this place, we are part of a community of love, faith, and light.You are surrounded with all of that beauty. Everyone in that room is a cheerleader for you and everyone else. It is truly an amazing experience every single time. 

In life there will always be an element of doubt. There will always be times that you feel “too” or that you feel not “enough.” Do not let these doubts and fears win the battle my friends. Let yourself be surrounded by a community that turns these doubts into love for yourself and then in turn you can show others that love. Let shining your light and showing your love for yourself and for your community be your battle cry. 

You are enough, 

Karen Estep

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