Training At Any Age

Training At Any Age

What do you picture when someone says personal trainer? My thought for years
was a very fit person that wears tight clothing that shows their muscles and is going to yell yet encourage you to get the results you want. This is why when I was looking at fitness certifications, I had no interest in being a personal trainer. I know now that I had a preconceived notion of what it was all about.

After an opportunity to work with a small group of women for 6 weeks in early 2022 I started to become more interested in personal training. I got to know these women and their strengths, weaknesses and even injuries or movement issues they had. As I researched there was a need for female trainers, which lead me to hours and a couple months of studying to pass the certification.

My first client was what I would call typical. She wanted to lose weight and get in shape. She had a trainer before so had an idea of what she wanted. As I started working with her, I had two other women reach out to me who just wanted a better way of life. I was nervous about these women as I was not sure if I would be able to help them. I talked to a friend and mentor and remembered what I had learned while taking the personal training certification class. I started off slowly and basic with body weight activities and then progressed to weights and machines. After a few weeks with these two ladies separately, I started getting more clients and all were older than me and just wanted to be able to live daily life without basic aches. They had goals like better posture and wanting to do things like play with their kids or grandchildren.
As 2023 came around the interest grew with of course New Year’s Resolutions. I kept up with my original two while other clients have come and gone. They have shared experiences like being able to walk upstairs carrying items and not having to rest or hold onto the rail. I have created my own niche in the personal training business and showing you can train people of any age. I have seen first-hand the improvements these people have made in their lifestyle. While losing weight can be great for many people, I have learned it is not everyone’s goal. There are so many other ways a personal trainer can impact your life.
Amanda Hoppert
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