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Anna Alessi tried to live her life by checking off boxes and collecting achievements to help her calculate her worth, all while putting her relationship with God at the very bottom of the list. She was highly successful on paper. However, wasting away in real life.

She explains real-life struggles with personal applied knowledge to create more time to nourish your heart and create space to develop one’s faith. This newfound spark will help you have more connection and overall fulfillment in your life.

Join Anna as she shares her story of lighting the paper of achievements on fire, looking inward and discovering the flame within, and keeping a singular focus on faith. Letting that stronger foundation connect your soul to more life-giving moments, stop the constant search for happiness with fleeting moments, and find sustainable gratitude instead.

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Allow me to share my journey in:

Finding Faith

  • Spiritual wellness
  • Prioritizing a relationship with God
  • Trusting in your calling


  • Learning to love your life and self
  • Cultivating motivation
  • The importance of community

Building Business

  • Teamwork
  • Out of the box ideas
  • How to see people

"Instead of being swollen and occupied with fear and anxiety, I choose to give up who I think I am and listen to what God says about me."

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